Clevis Kit Meritor Type 5/8in-18

  • Product Code: Clevis Kit Meritor Type 5/8in-18
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Product Level
Fleet Standard
  • Straight, 5/8in-18 Threads, 1/2in and 1/4in Pins, Pin C to C is 1-3/8in

0.65 lbs
Pkg. Dimensions (in)
3.75 X 2 X 1.12

Cross Reference

NamePart NumberNotes
Autocar20370160Clevis Kit
EuclidE11430Clevis Kit
EuclidE11430AClevis Kit
FreightlinerA6809960540Clevis Kit
Meritor1245P1030Clevis Kit
Meritor1245T332Clevis Kit
Meritor1245Z1066Clevis Kit
MeritorR801713Clevis Kit
MeritorR810019Clevis Kit
Thomasbilt61130796Clevis Kit
Western Star764043403Clevis Kit

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